5 Factors for Choosing an Off-Site Airport Parking

Cindy Mendez | April 30, 2019 | 0 | Home & Gardens

While traveling by plane is convenient, finding a spot to park your car within the airport premises is becoming more of a hassle. With the growth in number of people that travel via airplane, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a secure spot to park your car in while you jet-set somewhere. With the increased security and limited slots for parking Gold Coast airport has to offer, you need to consider off-site parking options.
Off-site parking facilities have grown in popularity over the recent years due to the limitations with Gold Coast airport parking. You can use these parking facilities when you are unable to use parking in Gold Coast airport. They come with a fee but in exchange you can get your own parking spot with 24/7 security.
Choosing the best parking in Gold Coast Airport that is outside the airport parking premises is therefore crucial. You want to ensure that the facility is safe so your vehicle won’t get stolen or broken into while you are away on a trip. Here are five factors that you need to consider when choosing off-site parking Gold Coast airport has to offer:
1. Check online. Most off-site airport parking facilities have a website. This makes it easier to check for reservations and availability. In fact, you can also place booking online. This is ideal to ensure that you can get your own parking spot rather than coming into the facility only to realize that the parking is full.
2. Choose a parking facility with a shuttle service. Even though you want to choose an off-site parking facility that is close to the airport, a shuttle service will make it more convenient to drop off your vehicle on the parking spot and then go to the airport (and vice versa).
3. Check for discounts. Some parking facilities offer discounts when you are a member of specific automobile organizations. Any type of discount will be beneficial in your search for the best off-site airport parking.
4. Check the security system. Choose a Aussie Parking facility that offers round-the-clock monitoring system – not just on a 9-to-5 basis. Make sure to inspect the facility yourself. Security cameras would be highly beneficial so that the staff can monitor the parking spots remotely. There should be an adequate amount of staff in the area, too, to provide physical surveillance.
5. The access points to the parking spots should be considered as well. To add the security system in place, the parking facility you choose must have a single access point. This means that the entry and exit point should come from one place only. This makes it easier for the staff within the parking facility to monitor every vehicle that goes in and out of the parking facility. It also makes it easier to inspect the vehicle before they leave the facility.
Make sure you consider all five factors in choosing the best off-site parking Gold Coast airport has today. This will give you peace of mind that your vehicle is still intact when you return from your trip. Please visit https://aussieparking.com.au/.