Using phenomenological psychology as a digital marketing tool

Cindy Mendez | May 6, 2019 | 0 | Advertising & Marketing

You can’t just make random marketing ads and expect measurable results on sales. You need to find a digital marketing agency that knows how to implement psychological tactics. This way, your marketing campaign can definitely compel people to buy.

Phenomenological psychology is one of the best tactics you can use on your campaigns.

It’s a concept circling on studying the subjective perception of people towards a certain object, with your brand focused on the spotlight when talking about digital marketing campaigns. It’s how people perceive your brand, which you can certainly shape that perception through efficient marketing.

What to take note when using phenomenological psychology on digital marketing

How people experience your brand is very crucial for your marketing campaign. In fact, the best online marketing agency won’t simply create a fancy website for you but they ensure providing a smooth experience for its users.

And that’s because phenomenological psychology tells them to gather sufficient data and information and look through the first person perspective of the target audience. That can help them to identify and measure specific factors that can compel people to actually buy your brand.

Remember the word, “Convenience”

Give any inconvenience to people and they will probably shy away from your brand.

When they visit the website of your Brisbane brand, for example, you only have around 5 seconds to make them stay. Thus, it’s important to have a web design Brisbane has for your brand that loads easily and is convenient to navigate.

That’s when you can rely on another vital element as they browse through your site.

Know what people feel

An effective marketing campaign always elicits specific emotions it wants from the audience. Looking through the lens of phenomenological psychology, it’s important to know what words, audio, images, videos and design, among other stimulants, could gain a particular emotional response from people.

For example, a reliable digital marketing agency could combine videos and photos of pesky household insects, potentially invoking the feeling of fear and worry for homeowners. Show the advertised insecticide dealing with those pests, and the audience will be compelled to buy the product.

Provide sufficient and compelling information

Let’s say, the photos and videos on the insecticide advertisement have elicited the feeling of worry to homeowners. Simply showing them the insecticide dealing with insects wouldn’t be enough, they should know what exactly it could do.

For example, the digital marketing agency could include info about particular pests that the insecticide can deal with. Other info about family and pet safety could also satisfy the audience as well.

Measurable and identifiable responses through phenomenological psychology

Expert digital marketers combine convenience, emotional and information factors to come up with effective online marketing campaigns. They will gather and measure each stimulant, like photos, videos, audio, themes, design, website speed and accessibility, and check which produces the most desirable responses that directly affects sales.

In short, phenomenological psychology could help marketers to know which factors to optimize, minimize or even eliminate, depending on the response of the audience through their personal perception.

Thus, if you have a business in Brisbane, you should look for digital marketing service and website developer Brisbane can offer, who knows how to use phenomenological psychology as a marketing tool. Such services, such as the, can lead you to wonderful digital marketing perks.

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